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We honor the desire of those who wish to better protect themselves and those around them by providing the highest quality training available. Our training techniques will enhance skills, confidence, and safety.

We at Phobos Solutions are committed to helping our clients live without undue fear, apprehension or lack of confidence brought on by the ever-present possibility of violence in today’s society.

Our commitment to the education of responsible citizens through our personal awareness and firearms training programs will afford each of you the knowledge and confidence to avoid becoming a victim.


P H O B O S ( Ancient Greek: Meaning “Fear” )

In classic Greek mythology, Phobos is the personification of fear brought by war. He is the offspring of Aphrodite (God of Love) and Ares (God of War). Phobos was ever present in battle.

Homer Iliad 13. 298 ff quote “As Ares is when he strides into battle and Phobos (Terror) goes on beside him, his beloved son, the powerful and dauntless, who frightens even the patient-hearted warrior: these two come out of Thrake to encounter in arms the Ephyroi or the great-hearted Phlegyes (Phlegyans), but the two will not listen to prayers from both sides, but give the glory to one side or the other.”

Our Team

Professional Law Enforcement | Military trained | Experienced Instructors

Lewis Frost-Lewis Frost
Lewis Frost-Owner // Instructor

Lewis Frost-[ More About Lewis – Certifications ]

Lewis Frost-Nicholas “Nick” Cottone
Lewis Frost-Owner // Instructor
Lewis Frost-

Lewis Frost-[ More About Nick – Certifications ]

Phobos Solutions


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