Defensive Carbine 201

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Carbine 201 is an ideal opportunity for carbine shooters who wish to acquire fundamental skills that will be a gateway to becoming a safe, efficient, and effective rifle handler. Phobos Solutions’ Carbine 201 course shooters will gain experience and practice with:

Subjects Covered:

• Carbine/ Gear Setup
• Use of Cover and Concealment
• Recoil Management
• Driving the Gun (engaging multiple targets)
• Positional Shooting
• Cross Shoulder Shooting
• Transition Shoulder Shooting
• Secondary Weapons System Transitions
• Movement

Phobos’ Carbine 201 course enrollment is for an approximately 8 hour block of training. The items needed to attend this course are:

• Semi-Auto magazine fed carbine rifle (any caliber)
• 500 rounds of appropriate caliber ammunition (NO AP ammo)
• At least two (2) appropriate weapon magazines (more is great)
• Handgun (revolver or semi auto) with at least two (2) appropriate magazines/ speed loaders
• 100 rounds of appropriate handgun ammunition
• Quality holster for handgun
• Rifle sling (mandatory by now)
• Eye and ear protection
• Durable pants (with belt loops), a sturdy belt, and shirt (preferably long sleeve)
• Appropriate foot wear
• Sufficient water and food to sustain eight hours of training in any kind of weather

Contact Us for Course Location:

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  • Range used is determined by availability.
  • Phobos Solutions will reserve the range used prior to class. 
  • All students will be notified of range and location prior to class.

Possible ranges or locations used:

  • Mississippi
  • Slidell
  • Cutoff
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