Defensive Handgun 301

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Defensive Handgun 301 offered by Phobos Solutions is a dynamic training course to allow those who have surpassed the need for basic and even intermediate skills, and are now ready to experience and practice the fluid skills that will help shape them into effective pistol shooters. By taking advantage of this higher level course, enrollees will push their abilities by:

Subjects Covered:

• Safety
• Off-hand shooting
• One hand shooting
• One handed manipulation
• Recoil Management
• Close Quarters Engagement
• Multiple targets
• Cover and angles
• Shooting on the move
• Unorthodox positions

Phobos’ Defensive Handgun 301 course enrollment is for an approximately 16 hour block of training. The items need to attend this course are:

• Reliable semi-auto or revolver handgun
• 1000 rounds of conducive ammunition
• At least two (2) weapon appropriate magazines (semi-auto) or speed loaders (revolvers)
• Weapon appropriate holster
• Eye and ear protection
• Durable pants(with belt loops) a sturdy belt, and shirt (preferably long sleeve)
• Appropriate foot wear
• Sufficient water and food to sustain eight hours of training each day in any kind of weather.

Prerequisite: Defensive Handgun 101 & 201 or comparable course from a Phobos approved Training company.

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  • Range used is determined by availability.
  • Phobos Solutions will reserve the range used prior to class. 
  • All students will be notified of range and location prior to class.

Possible ranges or locations used:

  • Mississippi
  • Slidell
  • Cutoff
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