Low Light Handgun

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Phobos Solutions is now offering the Low Light Pistol Course to intermediate skill level pistol shooters who have the desire to test their skills in the condition when most attacks occur& In poorly lit areas! Our Low Light Pistol Course shooters will experience the many different challenges of manipulating and effectively shooting a pistol in low light by:

Subjects Covered:

” Identifying, and shooting in, different degrees of lighting
” Use of various low light target identification methods
” Shooting with various hand held light methods
” Shooting with weapon mounted lights
” Shooting while moving

The PHOBOS Low Light Pistol Course is an 8 hour live-fire period, including a 1 hour brief and 7 hours of low light live fire practical exercises. The items need to attend this course are:

” Pistol with light rail
” Weapon specific mounted light
” Hand held tactical light
” 500 rounds of conducive ammunition
” At least three weapon appropriate magazines
” Belt mounted magazine pouches
” Belt mounted, weapon and light appropriate holster
” Clear eye protection, ear protection
” Inert training rounds (if other than 9mm)
” Durable pants and shirt (preferably long sleeve)
” Appropriate foot wear
” Ball caps are recommended
” Sufficient water and food to sustain eight hours of training.

Contact Us for Course Location:

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  • Range used is determined by availability.
  • Phobos Solutions will reserve the range used prior to class. 
  • All students will be notified of range and location prior to class.

Possible ranges or locations used:

  • Mississippi
  • Slidell
  • Cutoff
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