Defensive Shotgun 101

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Beginning with a review of firearms safety and the fundamentals of shooting, the course will quickly progress into instruction on shotgun patterns using different ammunition and use of cover as well as other skills critical in the tactical environment. Student will practice learned skills through challenging practical drills to improve the student’s ability to effectively engage threats under a variety of conditions.

Subjects Covered:

• Shotgun safety and handling
• Characteristics and accessories
• Fundamentals of shooting
• Carrying techniques
• Patterning and ammunition types
• Slug sight-in
• Multiple shots / multiple targets
• Tactical reload / Combat reload
• Ammunition change over
• Malfunctions
• Shooting positions
• Transition to shooting positions

The PHOBOS Shotgun Course is an 8 hour period of instruction, including an hour and a half briefing followed by 7.5 hours of practical exercises. The items need to attend this course are:

• Eye and ear protection
• Thick, durable pants and shirt (preferably long sleeve)
• Appropriate foot wear
• Handheld tactical lights
• Sufficient water and food to sustain eight hours of training

Contact Us for Course Location:

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  • Range used is determined by availability.
  • Phobos Solutions will reserve the range used prior to class. 
  • All students will be notified of range and location prior to class.

Possible ranges or locations used:

  • Mississippi
  • Slidell
  • Cutoff
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